Research presented at Academy of Osseintegration 2015 annual meeting is shaping the future of implant dentistry

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Academy of Osseointegration 2015 E-posters A record-breaking amount of original research, including clinical cases of interest in the field of implant dentistry, was presented at the Academy of Osseointegration’s Annual Meeting. Presentations ranged from digital planning and new esthetic techniques to prevention strategies and stem cell biology.

“The outstanding research we saw at this year’s meeting—presented by clinicians from around the world—will help to shape the future of implant dentistry,” said Dr. Mehrad Favagehi, chair of AO’s Research Submission Committee. “I was particularly proud of the many young clinicians who presented research and showed a real commitment to furthering this field of dentistry and medicine.”

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Dr. Favagehi’s committee brought E-Posters to AO’s Annual Meeting for the first time. To digitally view some 300 studies in this format, visit www.osseo.org. Search for each poster by its number, title, author, or keyword.

“I was extremely impressed by the captivating Clinical Innovation presentations,” added Dr. Alvaro Ordoñez, chair of AO’s Clinical Innovation Committee. “I’ve been doing this for 10 years, and this is the best year I’ve seen yet. A lot of that has to do with the groundwork laid by the committee’s former chair, Dr. Joerg Neugebauer.”

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“Clinical innovation is important so that we continue to improve upon the techniques and procedures that have been time tested for treatment success and patient well-being,” said Dr. J. Cameron Beck, Naval Postgraduate Dental School, Bethesda, Maryland, who received an award for his research.

Research was recognized through a variety of honors, each selected by a committee of peers. Below is a complete list of awards and honorees.

Best Oral Clinical Presentation
Bone Adaptation Induced by Non-Passively Fitting Implant Superstructures—Results From A Randomized Clinical Trial
Matthias Karl, DMD

Best Oral Scientific Presentation
Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Nano-Reinforced Photocrosslinkable Adhesive Hydrogel: Novel Treatment Modality for Peri-implantitis
Alireza Moshaverinia, DDS, MS, PhD

1st Place E-Poster
A New Parameter to Assess the Osseointegration Potential of an Implant Surface
Robert Liddell, BASc, MSc

2nd Place E-Poster
Digital vs. Conventional Implant Impressions for Edentulous Patients: Accuracy Outcomes
Panos Papaspyridakos, DDS, MS, PhD

Best E-Poster Case Presentation
Clinical, Histological, and 3-D Evaluation of VISTA Application of Horizontal Ridge Augmentation: A Preliminary Study
Yun Wang, BDS, MS, PhD

Best Clinical Innovations
A Custom Titanium Ridge Augmentation Matrix for Implant Site Development
Jared Beck, DMD

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