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Belgian researchers report high dental implant survival rate 16 years after placement

More than 16 years after implant placement, the cumulative survival rate of a group of single-implant patients treated at the Dental Specialist Clinic in Malmö, Sweden, between 1987 and 1993, was 91.5%, a Belgian research team reported at the 27th Annual meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration.


On the other side: practitioner as patient in an implant experience

Dr. Gregori Kurtzman recounts his own experience with getting an implant and his subsequent “painless” recovery.

Robert S. Schoor, DDS

The role of antibiotics in periodontal diseases

Dr. Robert Schoor examines the current role of antibiotics as a much-abused prescription, reviews the use of antibiotics in periodontal literature, and debates the clinical relevance of antibiotics in the treatment of patients in a dental setting.


Systemic antibiotics in the treatment of periodontal disease

Dr. Michael Jaffin says the best evidence shows that antibiotics have added benefit in treating periodontitis in conjunction with scaling and root planing. In this article, he cites studies that explain the various antibiotics prescribed for periodontitis, and the effects they have on biofilms and clinical treatment modalities.

Scott Froum, DDS

Review of the treatment protocols for peri-implantitis

Surgical-Restorative Resource co-editor Dr. Scott Froum defines peri-implantitis, discusses various treatment modalities, and assesses the latest scientific studies. He concludes that new treatment modalities need to be evaluated using long-term randomized-controlled studies to identify predictable and successful treatment of peri-implantitis.

Valerie Sternberg Smith, RDH

Detecting cement in the peri-implant sulcus

Retained cement around an implant can lead to peri-implantitis, and in some cases implant failure. Valerie Sternberg Smith, RDH, BS, suggests when and how to remove cement from implant restorations.

Anthony J. Reganato, DDS, MS

Three-in-one abutment offers surgical and restorative simplicity

Dr. Anthony Reganato says implant dentistry doesn’t have to be complicated. He explains the four different uses for the versatile BioHorizons® 3inOne abutment, and how this implant material makes things simpler.

Edward Gottesman, DDS

Predictable root coverage with minimal patient morbidity: advantages of acellular dermal matrix for treating multiple sites of gingival recession

Gingival recession is a frequent esthetic complaint. Dr. Edward Gottesman describes an alternative to connective-tissue harvesting called the acellular dermal matrix, which offers stability and prevents recession.

Jamie White, RDH

Oral antioxidants: a weapon in wound healing

Following surgical or periodontal procedures, the oral surgeon and dental hygiene team — not to mention the patient — turn their focus to wound healing. Jamie White, RDH, discusses how she uses antioxidants as an important weapon in the fight against inflammation.

Anthony J. Reganato, DDS, MS

Minimally invasive ridge augmentations

All approaches to implant dentistry should get us to the same endpoint with three main goals in mind: esthetics, function, and longevity. Dr. Anthony J. Reganato shares the surgical technique he uses as the foundation for a minimally invasive ridge augmentation.

Richard Nejat, DDS

Computer-guided dental implant surgery: evolving, efficient, esthetic

Dr. Richard Nejat gives a brief overview of the history of computed tomography in dentistry, explains how surgical templates are used, and presents a case example of the benefits of CAD/CAM computer-generated surgical guides.

Mark Schlesinger DDS

8 realistic uses for lasers in surgical therapy

Despite a plethora of educational resources at our disposal, laser dentistry continues to be largely misunderstood by the dental profession. Dr. Mark Schlesinger gives a brief overview of some of the benefits of using an Erbium all-tissue laser for surgical therapy and demonstrates realistic clinical benefits of laser treatment.

Maureen Tsokris, RDH, EdD

Dental implant maintenance: a team effort

As more and more implants are placed, the dental team will encounter great variations in patient needs and potential complications. Maureen Tsokris, RDH, EdD, explains how imperative it is that all dental team members are equipped to provide proper assessment and maintenance of dental implants to ensure long-term success.


How to set up an implant surgical room: a checklist

Periodontist Scott Froum and dental assistant Theresa Tolsdorf explain the room setup for implant surgery, offer a suggested armamentarium and materials list, and cover the steps involved in the room breakdown.