Rise Hire for Dental Practices

Rise Hire equips you with a FREE Applicant Tracking system and offers advertising, assessment, and interview tools to help you hire the best candidates for your Dental practice.




Save your inbox.

Stop the endless emails with resume attachments and get organized with our FREE applicant tracking system.

Avoid bad hires.

Never doubt your hiring decisions again. Our premium candidate assessment tool saves you time and effort by helping you focus only on the best candidates.

Interview well.

Start asking the right questions. We provide you with a tailored interview guide for each candidate. Included with Rise Hire Premium.

Rise Hire Press Release

Rise Hire, an applicant tracking system designed to help dental practices improve their recruiting processes and hiring outcomes, has reached a collaborative agreement with PennWell Corporation, the publisher of DentistryIQ and additional...

RiseHire Dashboard

A Simple, Free Applicant Tracking System.

We designed an Applicant Tracking System specifically with Dental practices in mind. Manage incoming applications without cluttering your email inbox. Create and manage as many job listings as you like - its simple to use and completely free!

The Peak Blog


Decades of scientific research in the field of Organizational Psychology have shown again and again that 9 traits are the most reliable predictors of future job performance. Our partners at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, led by world-renowned author and researcher Dr. Adam Grant, developed the Rise Hire Candidate Assessment to assess candidates on these 9 traits that fit in to 3 broad categories: Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Motivation.

Posting a job opening to Craigslist can generate lots of applications, but keeping your hiring process organized after that becomes the challenge.