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Kyle L. Summerford, BS

Case acceptance: mastering the 'Art of Persuasion in Dentistry' by mastering the art of compassion

There are many key factors involved in successful case presentation, but an extremely important one that is often overlooked is compassion. Kyle Summerford, BS, explores five simple ways to become familiar with in displaying acts of compassion that will increase your case acceptance and contribute to a winning relationship between you and your patients.

Joseph Gian-Grasso, DMD

Standards of care for implant dentistry: an interview with Dr. Joseph Gian-Grasso, president of the Academy of Osseointegration

Who sets the standards of care for implant dentistry, and how is it done? Surgical-Restorative Resource Co-Editor Dr. Chris Salierno talks with Dr. Joseph Gian-Grasso, president of the Academy of Osseointegration, about the answers to these questions and more in light of the new guidelines for implant dentistry that the AO recently published.

Kyle L. Summerford, BS

What to expect when buying a preexisting dental practice

Buying your first dental practice is a giant leap toward success. Buying a preexisting dental practice can have its perks and, at the same time, its downsides. Kyle L. Summerford, BS, goes over several things to keep in mind during this transition as you approach this pivotal moment.

Kyle L. Summerford

Assessing patient acceptance in 5 easy steps

Kyle Summerford has some suggestions to help you better manage the time you spend with each patient in a way that may yield a higher case acceptance rate. Here, he sets forth a plan you can use to help you alleviate stress in a way that will hopefully lead to increased daily collections. 

Kyle Summerford

Making the 'alternate benefit' profitable

The majority of insurance companies define an alternate benefit as a provision that helps determine how payment will be made when there are several “clinically accepted” dental services that can satisfactorily correct the dental dentition. Kyle Summerford goes through three examples and explains how these downgrades simply leave room for you to charge the patient additional monies out of pocket, which calculates into more income.

Kyle L. Summerford

A guide for the new dentist on how to build your online reputation

Nowadays if your business is not plastered everywhere online and listed on social media, your practice is not performing at its highest potential. So where do you start, and how do you build? Kyle L. Summerford shows you how to get your dental practice on the map and make sure you take an active part in building your online reputation.


Tips on how to improve your dental treatment consent form: A legal perspective

Today, patients want more information to make their own dental treatment decisions. One of the functions of informed consent is the patient’s right to self-determination to accept or reject proposed treatment. Joseph P Graskemper, DDS, JD, DABMM, FAGD, FICOI, FASO, FACLM, tells you what you need to know to improve your consent form from a legal perspective.

dental collections

3 common mistakes to avoid to succeed in dental case acceptance and collections

The business side is a vital part of any dental practice. Kyle L. Summerford goes through three of the most frequent mistakes that can hinder the ability to “close the deal” and achieve case acceptance with collection.

noncompetition nonsolicitation agreements for dental professionals

Introduction to noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements for dental professionals

Lloyd M. Eisenberg, Esq., says overlooking issues governing the potential postemployment relationship in legal agreements can be a serious error. Here, he goes over the details of noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements that pertain to dentists and other health-care practitioners.

Stuart J. Froum, DDS

My patient's implant is bleeding; what do I do?

Dr. Stuart Froum discusses the two disease entities accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissue around a dental implant: mucositis and peri-implantitis. He describes the manifestations, risk factors, and complications.