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Jay Rubin, DMD

Sinus lift: new dental implant technologies and noninvasive techniques

Although sinus lifting has been shown to be very predictable with success rates greater than 90%, patients can be somewhat reluctant to accept this procedure due to expense and time. Dr. Jay Rubin presents two cases using newer technologies and noninvasive techniques that decrease wait time and increase case acceptance.

Brady Frank, DDS

Historical breakthroughs in the dental implant revolution

A lot has happened since Dr. Branemark invented the first oral implant decades ago. Implant surgery has moved from being a fairly invasive, time-consuming, overhead costly, and unpredictable procedure to being a very minimally invasive, efficient, overhead-friendly, and predictable procedure in the GP practice. Dr. Brady Frank offers an overview of three procedures that will transform your practice if you choose to dig deeply into them.

peri-implantitis dental

Literature review: Peri-implant disease

Surgical-Restorative Resource™ Co-Editor Chris Salierno, DDS, cites key literature references as he focuses on the subject of peri-implant disease, which can be divided into peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.

Albert Yoo, DDS

'My implant is too shallow and now I'm getting food stuck between my teeth'

Proper embrasure form between teeth and restoration is critical for both proper papilla formation as well as hygiene/cleanability. Successful rehabilitation with dental implants includes stability of bone level, function, esthetics, and overall patient satisfaction. Here, Dr. Albert Yoo goes through a case study and assessment.

Bruce G. Freund, DDS

5 things dental professionals need to know to choose the right course on facial injectables

Dr. Bruce Freund details five fundamental rules to follow that will help you choose the best instruction available in the area of facial injectables. There is much to learn and with the right instruction and support, cosmetic facial injectables can become a viable and profitable part of your dental practice.

Gregory A. Pette, DMD, MS

Vertical ridge augmentation: Using a titanium-reinforced high-density PFTE membrane

Dr. Gregory A. Pette said his patient presented with a missing No. 18 and hopeless No. 17 and No. 19 due to localized severe periodontal disease, recurring abscesses, and tooth migration. The success of this case was dependent upon proper treatment planning, meticulous surgical techniques, patient compliance, and understanding bone and soft-tissue biology.

Peter Mann, DDS, FICOI, FAGD

Narrow diameter dental implants in the esthetic zone

Dr. Peter Mann asserts that via proper case selection, narrow diameter implants are an important addition to our armamentarium in implant dentistry. Here, he uses three cases to illustrate how thinner dental implants offer benefits for patients.

Scott Froum, DDS

An alternative to conventional dental implants: short implants

Dr. Scott Froum, a periodontist and co-editor of Surgical-Restorative Resource™ e-newsletter, reviews the use of short dental implants as an alternative to conventional ridge augmentation procedures.

Alessandro Geminiani, DDS, MS

Is it time to retire the free gingival graft procedure in light of new alternative tissue grafting materials?

Dr. Alessandro Geminiani examines the free gingival graft (FGG), a surgical procedure frequently used in periodontics to increase the amount of keratinized tissue surrounding a tooth or a dental implant. One major limitation is the need for a donor site, most commonly tissue harvested from the palate. Will the new alternative grafting materials end up making the FGG obsolete?

Mark Hyman, DDS, MAGD

'Stay in the chair' dentistry delivers satisfied patients and an improved bottom line

Dr. Mark Hyman talks about an injection technique that allows him and his dental team to fully control their anesthesia routine. This one simple addition to his dental practice makes an incredible difference in patient satisfaction and practice productivity.

Scott Froum, DDS

A new tool in the fight against peri-implant disease

Dr. Scott Froum, co-editor of Surgical-Restorative Resource™, talks about a new titanium brush that has recently been released on the market to aid in the process of implant surface decontamination. Although not a complete panacea to the regeneration of peri-implant tissue, this brush proves to be an effective addition to the detoxification armamentarium in peri-implantitis treatment.

Alessandro Geminiani, DDS, MS

How to increase safety and reduce complications during sinus lift

Maxillary sinus augmentation (or sinus lift) is an effective surgical procedure used to increase bone in the posterior maxilla and allow placement of dental implants. Alessandro Geminiani, DDS, MS, describes a recently developed technique that significantly reduces the incidence of complications associated with this procedure.

Denise A. Trochesset, DDS

Inflammation of the gingiva: The other reasons besides the obvious

Gingival inflammation is usually attributed to bacterial-induced gingivitis and/or periodontitis. Although bleeding is most often caused by this etiology, there can be other systemic issues at work. Oral pathologist Denise A. Trochesset, DDS, dissects the most common diseases or disorders that may be involved under the category desquamative gingivitis.

Julio A. Carrion, DMD, PhD

The use of stem cells in dental implant site development

The placement of dental implants in a prosthetically ideal position is often challenged by the lack of sufficient alveolar bone. Dr. Julio Carrion discusses stem cells and their role in guided bone regeneration during development of the dental implant site.

Surgical-Restorative Resource

Literature review: Emergence profiles for dental implants

This is the first in a series of articles on citing key literature references on specific subjects. This month, Surgical-Restorative Resource™ takes a look at emergence profiles for dental implants.