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Comlan Missih, DDS, MPH

The link between periodontal disease and cancer: A review

Dr. Comlan Missih presents a review of the association between periodontal disease and various forms of cancers. He reviews recent studies regarding the links and explores possible confounding factors affecting cancer risk.

Adamo Notarantonio, DDS

The power of preparation: How to ensure proper gingival zenith position for a single dental implant restoration

Simply put, preparation creates success. Dr. Adamo Notarantonio says there are three things you must focus on as you prepare for success in anterior implant esthetics: proper planning, placement, and the provisional.

Surgical-Restorative Resource

The top 10 Surgical-Restorative Resource articles in 2012 for clinical dentistry

Here is a readers' compilation of the top 10 clinical dentistry articles from Surgical-Restorative Resource™ in 2012.

endo retreatment

To retreat or not: a decision matrix

Drs. Joseph F. DiBernardo and Doreen Toskos analyze endodontic retreatment on a case-by-case consideration. The clinician’s job is to stack the odds in his or her favor and reduce the biological burden to hasten healing, while making sound decisions based on a variety of warning signs.

Scott Froum, DDS

I'll have a maxillary anterior implant to go; please hold the periodontal treatment

Surgical-Restorative Resource Co-Editor Dr. Scott Froum discusses the “fast-foodization” of implant treatment and examines the connection to implant complications and other clinical considerations.

Tina Beck, DDS

The problem with wisdom teeth: Leave them in or take them out?

Do you recommend that young adults have their wisdom teeth extracted? Periodontologist Dr. Tina Beck discusses the pros and cons of prophylactic extraction. She shares her professional opinion and some talking points you can use to explain the situation to your patients.

Joo H. Kim, DDS veacfreweqedvyequwrawsd

A review of the maxillary sinus

Dr. Joo H. Kim details the anatomy of the maxillary sinus, discussing the challenges it presents for implant dentistry. He offers several approaches to avoid the sinus cavity when placing implants, including elevation of the sinus floor.

Edward Gottesman, DDS

Excessive gingival display: addressing multiple etiologies for optimal esthetic outcomes

Correction for excessive gingival display (EGD) -- or "gummy smile" -- heralds significant esthetic dentistry milestones, allowing restorative dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons to collaborate optimally to improve patients' smiles and change people's lives for the better. Dr. Edward Gottesman discusses etiologies and treatments available for EGD.

anterior esthetic implant restoration Scott Froum Neil Cohen

Case example of an anterior esthetic implant restoration with good surgical-restorative communications

Dr. Scott Froum, co-editor of Surgical-Restorative Resource, and Dr. Neil Cohen team up to detail the steps of a successful case involving an anterior esthetic implant restoration.

Jesse J. Hofer, DMD

Gingival alteration techniques

In periodontal esthetic therapy, it often becomes necessary to alter gingival architecture in order to improve esthetics and/or function. Dr. Jesse Hofer discusses some of the indications, contraindications, and considerations with regard to mucogingival therapies.

Dr. Laurie Kobler

Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) release using dental lasers

Prominent Australian dentist Dr. Laurie Kobler discusses the condition known as tongue tie from his vast experience in treating patients who suffer from it. He explains how the erbium laser can be used safely and effectively to treat ankyloglossia.

Adam L. Bear, DDS

A review of bone graft material

Adam L. Bear, DDS, says, “As research progresses in the field of alveolar bone and grafting materials, there are many exciting developments that may have profound impacts on bone grafting. The future is in biologics.” Here, he gives an informative look at bone regeneration and grafting as it exists today.

Scott Froum, DDS

Creating keratinized soft tissue to enhance the implant restoration

Even though ossseointegration of dental implants is well documented in the literature, success in implant dentistry continues to be the achievement of a stable, long-term, esthetic result including an intact mid-buccal soft tissue profile and interproximal papilla. Dr. Scott Froum, co-editor of Surgical-Restorative Resource e-newsletter, explains how keratinized tissue around implants can be beneficial when there is a paucity of soft tissue to develop during an implant restoration.

Helen Rozenfeld, DDS

A clinical review of wound healing

Dr. Helen Rozenfeld guides readers through a clinical study of the process of wound healing. She says a thorough understanding of these signals and their effects on differential gene expression will enable manipulation of wound healing cascade that can lead to the invention of biomimetic technology and regeneration of damaged tissues

Dr. Jeffrey Kho

Mini dental implants in stabilizing a loose lower denture

For the general dentist just starting out in implant dentistry, placement of mini dental implants can be more challenging than conventional implants. Dr. Jeffrey Kho says that although MDIs require a different skill set, they are a highly successful implant option to consider during prosthetic treatment planning for the edentulous mandible.