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Dan Mahony

Quick tips on building a dental office

Opening a new dental office can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Dan Mahony outlines four areas that you will need to focus on to ensure that your project is a success with a lot less stress.

Kerri Ingwersen

A fresh look at the difficult new patient phone call

Kerri Ingwersen offers a solution, including sample conversations, for those patients who try to shop around for their complex care. It all starts with that first difficult new patient phone call.

Chris Salierno, DDS

The platform is showing! Prosthetic management of implants placed too far coronally

Prosthetically driven implant placement requires respect of anatomical landmarks in all three dimensions. Dr. Chris Salierno, Surgical-Restorative Resource co-editor, considers two options for dealing with an implant that has been placed too shallow, and offers support for his preferred treatment modality.

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT

The fall and rise of dental technology

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT, explains the current situation that dental laboratories and technicians are in and explains how outsourcing can be detrimental to the quality of restorations as well as the viability of the industry. He proposes that if dental technology is used as an extension of the technicians — not the replacement — then the dental industry as a whole can turn the tide toward a better future in prosthetics.

endo vs. implant

Endodontic therapy vs. implant maintenance: an evidence-based review

When giving patients options for their restorations, Drs. Doreen Toskos and Joseph DiBernardo say that implant surgeons must address the possibility of endodontic therapy, and general dentists/endodontists must discuss the ramifications of implant therapy. As dentists, we are trained to preserve the natural dentition for our patients, and it is our ethical responsibility to do so whenever possible.

Chris Salierno, DDS

4 ways cloud computing will change dentistry for the better

Surgical-Restorative Resource co-editor Dr. Chris Salierno deciphers cloud computing and explains how it will make the dentist’s life a lot easier in the days to come.


On the other side: practitioner as patient in an implant experience

Dr. Gregori Kurtzman recounts his own experience with getting an implant and his subsequent “painless” recovery.

Lauren Argentina, DDS

Improving esthetics and periodontal health through orthodontic alignment

Advances in orthodontic therapy include the use of clear-colored wires and brackets, computer-generated removable aligner trays, and six-month smile technology. Dr. Lauren Argentina presents a clinical case using the six-month smile technique to improve esthetics, which in turn improved the patient’s oral health by enabling her to perform interproximal oral hygiene more successfully.

Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS

Strategic retention of an ailing premolar with severe periodontitis using regenerative therapy: a case report

There is a growing belief in dental practice today that if a tooth has advanced periodontal disease, it should be replaced with a dental implant rather than attempt to save it. Dr. Paul S. Rosen documents a case involving the predictability of periodontal regeneration, with a favorable long-term outlook for the tooth.

Manish Garala, BDS, MS

Saving teeth through surgical endodontics

Endodontic surgery has developed the perception in some areas of dentistry as being an unpredictable and unnecessary procedure, especially with the advent of modern day implants. Dr. Manish Garala discusses three clinical cases in which microsurgical endodontics can be a predictable treatment option.

Zackary T. Faber, DDS, MS

Team approach to interdisciplinary treatment planning

Dr. Zackary T. Faber explains how at its core, dentistry is a team sport. All of the specialties working in concert can produce a truly interdisciplinary, patient-centered experience.

Mark T. Murphy, DDS, FAGD

Simplifying occlusion to gain patient acceptance

Dr. Mark Murphy explains how the educational co-discovery process is a great beginning for most patients to become motivated to accept treatment, particularly in the area of occlusion.

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT

The changing face of dentistry

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT, talks about the generational differences we're seeing today in the dental office — from dentists to staff members to patients. While the changes in many of the dental practice's systems may seem daunting, they herald exciting new possibilities for dentistry, as long as we embrace it together as collaborative professionals.

Richard Nejat, DDS

Computer-guided dental implant surgery: evolving, efficient, esthetic

Dr. Richard Nejat gives a brief overview of the history of computed tomography in dentistry, explains how surgical templates are used, and presents a case example of the benefits of CAD/CAM computer-generated surgical guides.

Maureen Tsokris, RDH, EdD aradtbaxsdwwrtwyabdvyzddtqfwyqaw

Dental implant maintenance: a team effort

As more and more implants are placed, the dental team will encounter great variations in patient needs and potential complications. Maureen Tsokris, RDH, EdD, explains how imperative it is that all dental team members are equipped to provide proper assessment and maintenance of dental implants to ensure long-term success.