Spear announces enhancements to Case Assistant chairside dental treatment planning support tool

May 21, 2013
Spear Education announces a number of upgrades to the Case Assistant component of its digital suite of resources for chairside treatment planning, support, and education.
Spear is pleased to announce a number of upgrades to the Case Assistant component of the Spear Digital suite of resources.

An application that curates educational content for chairside treatment planning and patient education, Case Assistant’s newly redesigned interface features include:

  • More interactive, responsive, and user-friendly functionality.
  • Symptom Selector – Choose from an extensive visual menu of clinical findings based on what your patient presents.
  • Learning Packs – Bundled resources instantly target your query with images and digital learning resources.
  • Patient Mode – Your patient's profile appears with a gallery of similar conditions and post-treatment results. With each problem identified, you can demonstrate the proposed treatment process so the patient knows what to expect.
  • Doctor and Team Mode – All the resources found in Patient Mode, plus access to academic resources and Rapid Learning Modules to educate your team.

“We have made these enhancements based on feedback from dentists who rely on Case Assistant in their practices every day,” says Spear Education Founder Frank Spear. “We’ve tailored it to be an indispensable resource of chairside guidance — and to present clinical topics to patients in a nonthreatening way.”

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