Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental bone grafting plug facilitates implant placement

A new dental bone grafting plug combines bioactive resorbable calcium apatite crystals with a type 1 bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix. When the plug is replaced with host...
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Clinical Tips

Implant complications: Real-world techniques from real-world clinicians

Join us for the second annual Perio-Implant Advisory Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 14–15, 2021. You’ll learn real-world techniques from real-world clinicians in...
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Dental Implants

How do you remove a full-arch implant-supported prosthesis?

Aug. 2, 2021
Dr. Scott Froum gives you a sneak peek at what you’ll learn during this year's Perio-Implant Advisory Symposium about dental implant complications and how to handle them.
Figure7—surgery Burnished Calculus
Dental Implants

Fractured calculus and dental implant failure

If you believe the treatment plan of “four quadrants of scaling and root planing” is adequate for a patient with moderate-to-advanced periodontal disease who is about to receive...
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Dental Implants

Extraction/immediate implant placement with provisional for a patient with Guillain-Barré syndrome

A patient presented with an oblique subgingival fracture to the bone level of tooth no. 10. Radiographically, the tooth showed periapical pathology and was deemed unrestorable...