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Aug. 8, 2016
Rise Hire, an applicant tracking system designed to help dental practices improve their recruiting processes and hiring outcomes, has reached a collaborative agreement with PennWell Corporation, the publisher of DentistryIQ and additional...

Press Release | August 1, 2016 | For Immediate Release


Rise Hire partners with PennWell to provide dental employers a streamlined hiring and recruiting platform

Online partnership begins August 2016 on DentistryIQ

RALEIGH, N.C., AND TULSA, OK (August 1, 2016)—Rise Hire, an applicant tracking system designed to help dental practices improve their recruiting processes and hiring outcomes, has reached a collaborative agreement with PennWell Corporation, the publisher of DentistryIQand additional industry-leading media for dental professionals. Under the terms of the partnership, Rise Hire and PennWell will provide employment listings for dental professionals, along with a simple, free employment resource for dental practice owners, office managers, administrators, and others who perform hiring and recruiting activities in the dental space.

Beginning August 2016, dental job listings posted through Rise Hire will be featured prominently on DentistryIQ, an online dental news and information website founded in 2007. Each month, DentistryIQ site traffic averages 300,000 unique visitors and 550,000 page views, making it an ideal location to attract the interest of engaged, job-seeking dental professionals.

“Dentistry, like most medical verticals, will continue to experience more demand for services from an aging US population,” said Brad McCorkle, founder of Rise Hire. “This will in turn create more hiring needs for dental practices. We recognize that many private dental practices are a lot like most small businesses and lack the resources to efficiently manage the hiring process. Rise Hire provides that to them at no cost.”

McCorkle added, “Dental is an attractive market for us due to its fragmentation and the large number of employers who have acute hiring needs. PennWell was our first choice as a partner due to their long-standing reputation as a publisher and good citizen of the industry.”

Dental practices routinely recruit staff members through platforms like Craigslist, but they are left to rely on an e-mail inbox to keep track of a flood of incoming applications and candidates. This problem can be solved easily with the free tools Rise Hire offers.

Rise Hire’s applicant tracking system helps employers organize their recruiting efforts in ways that meet the demands of the digital age. Features provided at no cost include:

  • A single place to keep track of current and past job openings
  • An organized platform to save candidate history and information
  • A branded informational page for each employer that allows for showcasing of the brand and highlighting current opportunities
  • A simple way for any employer to add a “Careers” page to their website

An organized, professional recruiting presence can have a dramatic effect on hiring results. In addition to these and other free features, Rise Hire offers a suite of premium tools that include targeted advertising, candidate assessments, and tailored interview guides.

Few dentistry practices have a need for an expensive, enterprise-level Applicant Tracking System (ATS), but practically all of them can benefit from the free level of services the Rise Hire platform provides.

“The business of dentistry continues to evolve,” said Craig Dickson, publisher of PennWell’s dental group. “The strength of PennWell’s dental group and the DentistryIQ brand is connecting dental professionals with resources that help them be more successful in their careers. Partnering with Rise Hire is a natural fit—the company’s applicant tracking system and platform for job seekers are powerful tools in the new dental marketplace.”

Rise Hire, along with its shared platforms, began in the eye care industry in 2008. Since that time, it has helped thousands of employers hire staff and reduce turnover. It now begins a new venture in a dental industry that is primed for innovation.

The key customers for Rise Hire—dental practice owners, administrators, and hiring managers—all benefit from the Rise Hire platform in two prominent ways:

  • They have decreased stress on the recruiting process by staying organized and not being flooded with emails and attachments.
  • Hiring managers can stay focused on their primary responsibilities, and maintain an efficient, organized recruiting process that ultimately leads to better hiring outcomes.

Most applicant tracking systems on the market are designed for large enterprises with dedicated recruitment and hiring staff. Commensurately, most of these products are overly complex and cost-prohibitive for a small business such as a private medical practice. The free Rise Hire applicant tracking system has all the functionality a small business needs, but nothing it doesn’t. In addition to the free platform, it offers affordable recruiting tools that integrate seamlessly with the platform and help employers hire the very best candidates possible.

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