Dental professionals can learn from child's death under sedation

Sept. 12, 2012
A child died while under sedation in a dental office in Harlingen, Texas. Medical professionals say the death could have been prevented. In any case, dental professionals can learn from this experience.

A 10-year-old child in a Harlingen, Texas, dental office undergoing sedation for a tooth filling died on September 6. The boy, Marcos Tirado, suffered from Treacher-Collins syndrome, a rare hereditary facial deformity.

Dr. James Tom, a dental anesthesiologist from USC, commented later, "Treacher-Collins is a huge deal that trained pediatric dentists and dental anesthesia providers should be aware of. I would only treat a Treacher-Collins patient in a hospital setting.” Dr. Tom was not involved in the treatment of Marcos. He went on to explain that patients who have Treacher-Collins disorder have compromised airways due to their small jaws, which sometimes makes breathing normally a problem.

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