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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the dental field

Aug. 2, 2023
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be a helpful adjunct for many dental conditions, as increased oxygen saturation helps accelerate the healing process, reduces inflammation, and promotes...
Figure 1: NeoScan 1000 from Neoss
Restorative Dentistry

Top 5 mistakes with intraoral scanning

An intraoral scanner produces scans that are only as good as the operator. Many mistakes are preventable. Here are some tips from a lab expert to help you get the most accurate...
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Clinical Tips

Red light therapy: A comprehensive overview for dental professionals

July 10, 2023
Red/infrared light therapy has many therapeutic applications in dentistry. While traditionally used in dermatology and skin care esthetics, RLT can be used for periodontal, endodontic...
Primary Alvarez

Regenerative medicine: Better bone growth biologics for periodontists

July 10, 2023
Biologics that can regenerate alveolar bone will speed up the healing process and may mean immediate dental implantation becomes standard practice. Here’s a look at the latest...
Clinical Tips

Black tongue: What is it, and how is it treated?

June 1, 2023
A black hairy tongue can be startling to patients, but it is benign. Dr. Scott Froum explains the etiology of black hairy tongue and offers recommendations for treatment.