Maintenance Therapy

Maintenance Therapy

The Natural Dentist announces partnership with Dr. Susan Calderbank to raise awareness about oral complications of cancer therapies

July 30, 2013
The Natural Dentist®, a line of therapeutic oral care products, and Dr. Susan Calderbank, a leading dentist in oral health for patients undergoing chemotherapy and head and neck...
Maintenance Therapy

What the 'rinse-and-spit' oral cancer test could mean for dental professionals and their patients

April 23, 2013
A new oral cancer “rinse-and-spit” test for the early detection of tumors could mean great things for dental professionals and their patients when the test becomes available for...
Maintenance Therapy

Study finds new iodine mouthwash may impact LDL cholesterol

April 23, 2013
Cleaning your mouth and cleaning your arteries could be as simple as a once-a-day oral rinse if additional studies confirm preliminary findings about a new product.
Maintenance Therapy

Study shows Vigilant Biosciences' simple rinse-and-spit test effective in detecting oral cancer

April 22, 2013
A new “rinse and spit” test for oral cancer is capable of early detection of tumors across “a racially and ethnically diverse population,” according to results of a study conducted...
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Hygiene Techniques

Ergonomics and dental hygiene: It's all in how you say it

Jan. 8, 2013
Sometimes when you begin dental treatment, the patient will balk at having the operatory chair repositioned so far back. Judy Bendit, RDH, BS, offers a different perspective on...