AO Orlando preview: Dr. Arturo Llobell helps young clinicians avoid surprises in implant dentistry

Jan. 30, 2017
In a Q&A with the Academy of Osseointegration, #AOOrlando presenter Dr. Arturo Llobell previews the Young Clinicians’ Series, where he will set a clear roadbook for predictability in implant dentistry, specifically when facing complex full-arch dental implant rehabilitations.  

The Academy of Osseointegration (AO) recently sat down with #AOOrlando presenter Dr. Arturo Llobell, a clinician known to thrive in fast-paced environments. Dr. Llobell is a renowned practicing periodontist and prosthodontist, as well as a national race car champion. We asked him to preview the Young Clinicians’ Series, where he will set a clear roadbook for predictability when facing complex full-arch dental implant rehabilitations.

Q: What is the purpose/goal of this session?

Dr. Llobell: The session will give a through and through vision on an array of important steps involved in today’s full-arch rehabilitations, while contemplating different treatment options and sequences related to both prosthodontics and surgery aimed to achieve predictable esthetic and functional outcomes.

Q: What topics will be covered?

Dr. Llobell: The lecture will have an interdisciplinary focus based on treatment planning and execution, involving both surgical and prosthodontic aspects related to implant dentistry. The surgical portion will involve different approaches and keys to success in guided bone regeneration and bone resection, while debating the importance of implant selection and planning in guided surgery and immediate load protocols. The prosthodontic portion will discuss the benefits and limitations related to different prosthetic designs and material selection, involving new technologies such as the facial scan or contemporary CAD/CAM protocols.

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Q: Why is it important for young clinicians to attend?

Dr. Llobell: During the session, I will also show tips that I’ve learned during my training as well as those that I now try to teach through my faculty appointments that are really helping me in a daily basis. I will also explain clear, straightforward pathways with the goal of adding simplicity and avoiding confusion during the treatment planning and sequence of complex cases. Basically I will show with a clear view that it is possible for us to do it!

Q: Why is it important to a cross-selection of clinicians?

Dr. Llobell: I believe that an adequate knowledge and consideration of different specialties, which can merge together in the treatment of complex cases, is crucial in order to obtain predictable, long-lasting results without undesirable surprises. This merging of concepts will be emphasized in the session by setting a clear roadbook to follow through different important steps of the treatment.

Q: What some key takeaways attendees will glean?

Dr. Llobell: Although the continuous innovation and evolution of technology will help us in many steps of the treatment, planning prior to execution must be considered as the most important treatment aspect in order to achieve predictable long-lasting esthetic and functional results.

Another takeaway will be that zirconia is a great material being used more and more in the profession due to its broad range of advantages and indications, but it also has a significant number of considerations and limitations that have to be encountered in order to avoid failures.

Yet another key takeaway will be that an increase in vertical dimension can be considered as a secure and predictable procedure under certain parameters that can increase the treatment options available and improve the outcomes to follow.

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This session of the Young Clinicians' Series will take place on Friday, March 17, from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET, and is available complimentary to all registered attendees of the AO's Annual Meeting; however, advance registration is required. Tickets will be collected and a box lunch will be served.

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