Periodontal Complications

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Periodontal Complications

Maxillary sinus grafting: Prevention and management of complications

Dec. 13, 2018
Dr. Pascal Valentini looks at how to avoid maxillary sinus grafting complications that can influence long-term implant survival.
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Clinical Tips

Canker sores: An old enemy facing new treatment

Aug. 2, 2018
Dr. Scott Froum discusses the etiology of canker sores, types, diagnosis, associated systemic disorders, as well as the most effective new treatment for these ulcers that plague...
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Clinical Tips

Saving T-I-M-E with short dental implants

July 10, 2018
Short implants may seem to be an obvious alternative where conventional implants are not an option without additional surgical procedures to compensate for tissue deficiencies...
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Surgical Techniques

Saving teeth with periodontal-endodontic therapy

June 5, 2018
Dr. Zev Lazarus presents a case study demonstrating how proper periodontal-endodontic therapy is able to save teeth that have a guarded prognosis, thus eliminating the need for...
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Implant-induced decay: A problem bigger than you think

May 9, 2018
Because interproximal contact loss between an implant restoration and an adjacent tooth has been highly correlated with dental caries, we must be aware of factors that contribute...