Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

A comparison of graft techniques for the alveolar ridge prior to oral implant

July 25, 2014
Success of a dental implant can be affected by the width of the alveolar ridge — an indication of the amount of bone available to hold the implant. A variety of methods exist,...
Ridge Augmentation

Guided bone regeneration treats dental implant lesions

June 11, 2014
Oral implant surgery is complex and not without complications, one of which is an implant periapical lesion. If the lesion site becomes infected, it can lead to an abnormal growth...
Ridge Augmentation

Groundbreaking technology accelerates orthodontic treatment up to 50 percent

Sept. 12, 2013
A key patent has been issued for the groundbreaking orthodontic treatment, AcceleDent, the FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that accelerates orthodontic treatment by up to...
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Surgical Techniques

Vertical ridge augmentation: Using a titanium-reinforced high-density PFTE membrane

June 26, 2013
Dr. Gregory A. Pette said his patient presented with a missing No. 18 and hopeless No. 17 and No. 19 due to localized severe periodontal disease, recurring abscesses, and tooth...
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Surgical Techniques

An alternative to conventional dental implants: short implants

May 22, 2013
Dr. Scott Froum, a periodontist and co-editor of Surgical-Restorative Resource™ e-newsletter, reviews the use of short dental implants as an alternative to conventional ridge ...